About Special Forces

They are called the quiet professionals, but they are known as Green Berets. The official title is U.S. Army Special Forces (SF), and this is one of the most elite fighting groups and arguably the most versatile military organization in the world.   SF is sometimes confused by the public with Army Rangers or Navy SEALS, but the Special Forces are a team in a class of their own.  In addition to being experts in raids and other direct action combat and reconnaissance like those other groups perform, the Green Berets’ primary mission is unconventional warfare — deploying small SF teams to train and lead guerrilla forces. 


SF is the United State’s top “force multiplier”; they train, and often lead, other nation’s military and paramilitary forces to effectively solve their own country’s problems and liberate themselves from oppression.   SF teams are self-sustaining and autonomous, speak multiple languages, and are able to operate in the middle of nowhere for extended periods.  Notably, it takes longer to train a Special Forces Soldier than it does to train a fighter pilot.  Each A-team has an insertion specialty and all are airborne qualified.  

Some teams focus on insertion by way of free-fall parachuting, others are highly trained in mountaineering, while others specialize in vehicle infiltration or SCUBA.  Combined with these abilities and their global cultural training and teaching skills, SF teams are the arguably the world's most versatile and multi-talented military units.

Sense of Brotherhood

Special Forces team members work closely together and rely on each other for long periods of time, both during deployments and in garrison.  Because of this, they develop a close relationship and personal ties which foster an extraordinary level team cohesion and esprit de corps.