Special Forces Association Ohio Chapter 45 XLV

Our Mission Statement

“Sense of Brotherhood”

“Our purpose is to unite, fraternally, all who are now or ever have been assigned to the United States Army Special Forces, to perpetuate Special Forces traditions.”

The Special Forces Association is the largest special operations association in the World. Our members include  active duty Green Berets, Army National Guard SF Soldiers, veterans and retired members and of the US Special Forces.

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Members expand their network of friends by meeting new chapter members.  SF guys who move to Ohio or neighboring states, recently retire from or end their active military service, and members of the Ohio National Guard’s B/2/19th Special Forces Group are constantly adding new blood to the chapter. 

Seeing your old buddies is fun, but making new friends with Green Berets with other experiences is a great opportunity and a good time.  It’s a rewarding opportunity because you will find other guys who think the way you do and shared the same gauntlet of selection, training, unit experiences, deployments, and, for many, combat.

We are a local SF Association Chapter in Ohio with meetings and events across the state. Join us and stay connected to your Special Forces Community.  

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Get Involved with SFA Chapter 45 today! We are very active and are involved in the support of our troops and community.

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